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Pediococcus pentosaceus CRA-FLC Pdp1193


Species Pediococcus pentosaceus  
Isolated by C.N.R.Institute of sciences of food production  
Identified by CRA-FLC Microbiology group  
Accession Number CRA-FLC Pdp 1193 
Year 2008 
State Italy 
Region (regione) Lombardy 
District (provincia) CO 
Isolated from Curd of Semigrasso d'Alpe cheese 
Location Alto Lario - Lake of Como 
Place of maintenance Centro di Ricerca per le Produzioni Foraggere e Lattiero Casearie
Mainteinance Method
Growing method M17 medium; 37°C  
Year 2008 
N° in other collections H35 
Donor Dr. Roberta Lodi C.N.R. ISPA -MI- Italy 
Isolated by National Research Council (CNR). ISPA 
Year of isolation 30/12/2000 
Molecular characterization RAPD-PCR  
Molecular markers Identified by16S rRNA gene sequencing; 
Supply Active