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Peach latent mosaic viroid ISPAVE-PLMVd-34


Specie Peach latent mosaic viroid 
Isolated by F. Faggioli 
Acronym PLMVd 
Identified by F. Faggioli 
Genus Pelamoviroid 
Year 2004 
Family Avsunviroidae 
State Italy 
Region (regione) Lazio 
Accession Number ISPAVE -PLMVd-34 
District (provincia) Roma 
Isolated from peach leaves 
Host variety peach (Prunus persica) 
Place of maintenance Centro di Ricerca per la Patologia Vegetale
Maintenance Method
Mainteinance Method
Lyophilized (**)
On woody indicator (***)
Cloned (*****)
Year 2001 
N° of replicate maintained (**)=2;(***)=2;(*****)=1 
Supply Dried