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Cucumber mosaic virus CMV-22


Specie Cucumber mosaic virus  
Isolated by L. Tomassoli 
Acronym CMV 
Identified by V. Ilardi 
Genus Cucumovirus 
Year 1992 
Family Bromoviridae 
State Italy 
Strain I subgroup 
Region (regione) Campania 
Accession Number CMV-22 
District (provincia) Salerno 
Isolated from tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.) 
Location Sarno 
Place of maintenance Centro di Ricerca per la Patologia Vegetale
Maintenance Method
Mainteinance Method
Lyophilized (**)
On herbaceous indicator (****)
N° of replicate maintained (**)=2; (****)=1 
Biological characterization mild leaf symptoms and fruit necrosis on tomato ;  
Serological characterization Subgroup I (DTL) 
Molecular and/or biochemical characterization Subgroup I 
Others no RNA satellite 
Kaniewski W., Ilardi V., Tomassoli L., Mitsky T., Layon J., Barba M., 1999. Extreme resistance to cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) in transgenic tomato expressing one or two viral coat proteins. Molecular Breeding 5: 111-119. 
Ilardi V., Mazzei M., Loreti S., Tomassoli L. and M. Barba, 1995. Biomolecular and serological methods to identify strains of cucumber mosaic cucumovirus on tomato. EPPO Bullettin 25,321-327. 
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