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Monilia fructicola ER 1733


Anamorph Monilia fructicola  
Isolated by Luca Riccioni 
Identified by Luca Riccioni 
Year 2011 
State Italy 
Accession Number ER 1733 
Region (regione) Lazio 
District (provincia) Rome 
Host Prunus persica; Peach 
Place of maintenance Centro di Ricerca per la Patologia Vegetale
Isolated from fruit 
Mainteinance Method
Mainteinance Method
Mineral oil 
Growing medium PDA 
Year 2011 
N° of replicate maintained
Information on the strain EPPO A2 List 
Molecular and/or biochemical characterization PCR (M. J. Côté et al. (2004). Plant Dis 4: 1219-1225; R. Ioos and P. Frey (2000). Eur. J. Plant Pathol. 106: 373-378).  
Supply Active