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Monilia fructigena ER 1738


Anamorph Monilia fructigena  
Isolated by Luca Riccioni 
Identified by Luca Riccioni 
Year 2011 
State Italy 
Accession Number ER 1738 
Region (regione) Emilia-Romagna 
District (provincia) Bologna 
Host Malus domestica; Apple 
Place of maintenance Centro di Ricerca per la Patologia Vegetale
Isolated from frutto 
Mainteinance Method
Mainteinance Method
Mineral oil 
Growing medium PDA 
Year 2011 
N° of replicate maintained
Molecular and/or biochemical characterization PCR (M. J. Côté et al. (2004). Plant Dis 4: 1219-1225; R. Ioos and P. Frey (2000). Eur. J. Plant Pathol. 106: 373-378).  
Supply Active